St Lucia II St Lucia II Anchored off Pigeon Island 87151420 The Brig Unicorn next to us off Pigeon Island 87151419 The Brig Unicorn next to us off Pigeon Island 87151421 The Brig Unicorn getting a little too close! 87151795 Ben, Becci, Emily and Phoebe 87151429 Moonlight makes a good climbing frame! 87151425 Phoebe pulling in the gib sheet (at anchor!) 87151427 Emily getting windswept (at anchor!) 87151428 Becci and Ben snorkelling from the boat 87151423 Jan arriving (Jan is just coming out of the door with a blue coat on) 87151431 Annette, Jan and Ann at the airport 87151432 Ann, Jan, Annette and Anette's cousin at the airport 87151433 Annette with her cousin 87151534 Jan and Annette 87151535 Annette's kitchen / juice factory 87151796 Annette's lovely dog Ching-Ching 87151798 Annette's lovely dog Ching-Ching 87151799 Annette's lovely dog Ching-Ching 87151800 Annette and Jan at Mamiku gardens 87151801 Annette enjoying the view at Mamiku gardens 87151802 John, Jan and Annette at Mamiku gardens 87151803 The view from Mamiku gardens 87151804 Annette gate-crashing a wedding at Mamiku gardens 87151805 Jan with the Brig Unicorn behind 87151806 Jan under a Flamboyance tree 87151807 Drinking nuts! 87151808 A local lunch in Castries 87151809 Waiting for our chauffeur in Castries 87151810 Jan in Castries 87151811 Marigot Bay 87151812 Jan at Winston's carved mask shop 87151985 Jan with Winston 87151984 Annette enjoying a view of Souffriere 87151430 Lunch at Dasheens 87151986 Lunch at Dasheens 87151987 The view from Dasheens 87151988 The view from Dasheens 87151989 Breadfruit tree 87151990 Jan checking out the local produce 87151991 John, Jan and Annette with the hire car 87151992 The sulphur springs 87151993 The sulphur springs 87151994 Jan at the sulphur springs 87152716 Jan, Ann and Annette paddling in a sulphur spring 87152717 Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil 87152718 Driving through Souffriere 87152719 Manicous crossing! 87152720 Gregory the fruit man! 87152721 Rodney Bay 87152722 Rodney Bay 87152723 Rodney Bay 87152724 Rodney Bay 87152725 Rodney Bay 87152726 Jan with the Brig Unicorn 87152727 Jan on Pigeon Island 87152728 Rodney Bay from Pigeon Island 87152729 Pigeon Island 87152730 Pigeon Island 87152731 Pigeon Island 87152732 Pigeon Island 87152733 Pigeon Island 87152854 Picnic on Pigeon Island 87152855 John scrubbing the bottom! 87152856 John scrubbing the bottom! 87152857 John scrubbing the bottom! 87152858 Moonlight at anchor off Pigeon Island 87152859 Trunkfish 87152860 Arrow Crab 87152861 Squid! 87152862 Squid! 87152863 Squid! 87152864