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Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on July 23, 2009 at 6:34 AM

We are still stuck in Falmouth with no idea when we might be able to move on as the weather forecasts are still showing SW winds until next week.

More boats are arriving and the anchorage is becoming very busy and most are, like us, waiting for a weather window to sail on to France or Spain.

Saturday was warm and drizzly but as there wasn't much wind, we decided to take the old sail ashore (there needs to be very little wind or the dinghy may end up being blown back to Portsmouth, which would make an amusing Blog entry but it's a long row back), so we cut off some large pieces that we could use for patches on the other sails if needed and then I bundled the sail into the dinghy, on top of John, and then clambered in on top.

Unfortunately (and this is a big bug bear of mine) there are no facilities in marinas or harbours that I have come across to recycle / pass on boaty items that you no longer require but may be of use to someone else. So, although our old sail could (with a lot of effort and imagination) be cut into a much smaller sail for a much smaller boat, or at least be cut into lots of patches, we had no choice but to cram the sail into a wheely skip, for it inevitably to end up in landfill somewhere. There are many stories of all kind of things being found in bins and skips at marinas, fenders are very common, charts and pilot books and in one case a full working (although admittedly very old) radar system. On one occasion, John recovered a brand new length of rope from a skip (making a passing marina worker enquire as to whether he was looking for his lunch...) which was just what we needed to replace our manky fender ropes. I'm sure there are all kinds of useful items that don't get recovered which could easily be recycled and save landfill space. Sorry, rant over, I shall put my soapbox away and move on.

We had a meander around the town and as it started to rain, we noticed there was a free art exhibition on at the library, so we ducked inside for a very pleasant hour perusing the artwork before emerging to a downpour. We admitted defeat and were driven boat-ward by the rain.

On the way into town to buy newspapers on Sunday morning, we were very pleased to come across two chaps from boats in the anchorage who had pulled our old sail out of the skip and were cutting large pieces from it. We stopped for a chat and found that one chap was planning to use his piece to cut into patches and the other was going to sew his piece into a wind-scoop. He explained that he had wanted one for a long while and had been trying to find some suitable material to make one, so finding the old sail had made his day. It made mine too.

It was my birthday on Monday and two amazing things happened - the sun came out and England won the second test in The Ashes (whooooo hoooooo!).

I opened the hat-shaped present John gave me and was delighted to find a hat inside it, a Tilley hat that makes me look like an explorer (or possibly a prat, I'm not which, but I don't care because I love it). John also bought me a Moleskin notebook to make notes in for this Blog. It is the same one used by Van Gough, Picasso, Ernest Hemmingway and Bruce Chatwin apparently. Not exactly the same one obviously, he was kind enough to buy me a new one. Interesting though as I hadn't realised they wrote blogs. And no, I have no idea who Bruce Chatwin is either.

I also opened the presents our friends gave me before we set off. Thanks very much guys for the lovely candle, the huge amount of chocolate (always very welcome) and the other present (which I think should keep between ourselves!).

As the weather was so nice, we headed down to the rock pools again, this time armed with the Sea Shore identification book, a plastic tub and a small fishing net, to see what we could find.


(hunting in a rock pool!)


We had a great time and caught three crabs (all entirely new species as they didn't look like anything in the book), a baby starfish, a fish (some kind of 'Blenny' we think) and several shrimpy / prawny type creatures.


(our catch)


After some photos and few nipped fingers, we set them free and headed back into town for a fabulous lunch in the birdcage at Mango Tango.


(lunch in the bird cage!)


In the evening, we had another bash at the pub quiz at the Chain Locker with Andy and Julie. We had a fun night and came fifth out of nine teams. Amazingly we were given four bottles of beer as a prize! Can't be bad.

We wandered back to the boat and I went to sleep in my hat.



Yesterday was very exciting, as Andy and Julie very kindly gave me a lift to a large Asda store (yes, it has come to that, supermarkets are now exciting). It was nice to shop in a store with lots of choice and without inflated local pricing. John thought the excitement may be a little too much for him, so he stayed on the boat, which was good for me as men are just marginally less annoying and difficult to shop with than toddlers.

Back on the boat, we watched a fabulous super-yacht called Adix moor up alongside a pontoon in the nearby Marina, before spending a quiet evening on the boat.


(Adix moored near the Maritime museum)


Today was a very relaxed and uneventful day! The rain stayed away all day, so we had a walk up to Kimberley Park, a small but very pretty park not far from the town centre and then in the evening we had drinks and nibbles on board Blue Iguana with Andy and Julie.

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Reply Jan
8:25 AM on July 23, 2009 
Sounds like you are having a nice, relaxing time.
Reply Paul Phillips
6:43 PM on July 24, 2009 
Sorry to hear you have not left our great shores yet. Hope the winds change soon. Bon voyage!
Reply Lorraine
5:35 AM on July 27, 2009 
do you think when you leave Falmouth, that me Marco Robert and Tina should come and wave you off again? You'll be there longer than you were at Haslar at this rate. Have fun. We're still jealous even if it's raining there...better than the desk job. Hofmeisters xxx