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Friday 17th July 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on July 18, 2009 at 12:49 PM

We’re still in Falmouth waiting for favourable weather conditions to allow us to continue and judging by the latest forecast we’re expecting to be here another week before the wind changes. Currently Thursday is looking like it may be possibility, but we won’t know for sure until nearer the time. So, this means I won’t be Spain for my birthday and will have to wait for the straw donkey I was hoping for. I’ll give you a brief rundown of the last few days, but life here is pretty unexciting (although not unpleasant!) and is mainly consisting of reading (I’m on my seventh book of the trip and heartily recommend ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak), Scrabble (which John is still rubbish at), learning and practising new knots (I can now tie seven different kinds of bowlines!) and dodging the rain!

A surprisingly large German cruise-ship called Europa arrived on Monday morning, to be greeted by yet more heavy rain which continued throughout the day, until five minutes after the ship left in the evening. I believe it is on a round Britain cruise, so I hope they like rain.

During a lull in the rain, we went ashore and collected our new sail from the Harbour Office and I decided to have a walk around the town while John returned to the boat with a promise to collect me whenever I was ready.

Following our previous bird identification success, I bought a ‘Sea Shore’ book with pictures of all the sealife to be found along the coastlines of Europe, which I found in a second-hand book shop. We are planning to go back to the rock pools with this so we can identify the creatures we find (having browsed the book I think we can already tick off giant squids, sea goblins, swordfish and Godzilla).

As the drizzly rain developed into a torrential downpour which turned the high street into a canoe slalom run, I called John to dash over and collect me, only to find his previous promise came with the caveat that he would only come if he didn’t get wet. How very chivalrous. He tried to disguise this with “but we’ll both get soaked” ignoring the bloody obvious – that I was already completely drenched and could’ve swum back without getting any wetter (had it been warmer I might have), so I had to hide in the sweet shop (and was forced to buy things as it would have been rude not to….) until the rain died down enough for Mr Wuss to brave it.

In the evening, we had dinner at the Chain Locker and then joined forces with Chris and Penny from ‘L’esprit de la Mer’ and Julie from ‘Blue Iguana’ and entered the pub quiz. It was a fun evening and out of four teams we came a very respectable second and we very surprised to be awarded two bottles of wine as a prize.

Two more cruise ships arrived on Tuesday morning, Artemis and a Dutch ship with a very large scuff down one side which was having a lot of trouble mooring – I suspected not for the first time!

You can see what ships are in Falmouth on the Maritime Museum Tower webcams [webcam1] [webcam 2] (thanks Phil for sending me the links!). Unfortunately you can’t see Moonlight on these as we are further back in the anchorage.

It rained all day so we stayed on the boat apart from an emergency Oggy run at lunchtime after John started having withdrawal symptoms.

On Wednesday morning we were given about 10 minutes notice that Artemis was leaving and we would have to clear the anchorage to make room for the tugs that were required to help it out, so we lifted the anchor and wobbled around for a while until it had gone and then took several attempts to re-anchor before it held.

The sun finally managed to make an appearance and for the first time in a while we managed to swap the woolly jumpers for shorts and t-shirts and went ashore for a walk.

We wandered down to the Maritime Museum, so we could see through the underwater windows at high tide. Although the water was quite murky, we still saw lots of different fish and a canoe paddle by 10 feet above our heads!

We then went on a wild goose chase for a large invisible Tesco that John wouldn’t believe didn’t exist, because Google Maps told him it did and Google Maps doesn’t lie. I can now assure you 100% that it does. Its pants are very much on fire. It was a pleasant walk though and we returned to the boat via the smaller (but real) Tesco store to stock up on provisions.

We had drinks on the boat with Andy and Julie and then treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway for dinner.

The rain returned with a vengeance yesterday and during a brief lull, John decided it would be a great idea to take the old sail down and put the new one up. If there is ever a time when you can be guaranteed a torrential downpour, it is when you are halfway through a long task on deck and inevitably we got completely drenched.

We were boat-bound all day yesterday with the heavy rain, and today it was the wind that stopped us getting off the boat as we rode out a gale that blew across the anchorage. Our anchor dragged in the morning and there was a mad dash to start the engine and stop us drifting into a nearby boat and we managed it with moments to spare!

We were not the only boat caught out and all around us boats were dragging and re-anchoring throughout the day. We thought it best to stay on board as it was quite rough for the dinghy and we both wanted to be on board in case we dragged again. The wind finally died down late in the evening allowing us to relax!

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Reply Barbara Cottington
1:32 PM on July 18, 2009 
ur 12.49 blog update on the18th hit my laptop at approx 18.15, must be very windy on the internet !!!
3:24 PM on July 18, 2009 
Hey guys, hope you are well, sorry to hear you can't set off yet but hey I'm sure it beats working!!. Char sends her love as does all the animals. Casper and Spikey are well and truely settled in, Casper has shed twice since we,ve had her and sems to be getting bigger by the day.
4:13 PM on July 18, 2009 
Hope they sold some humbugs for John!
11:39 AM on July 19, 2009 
It is one of my ambitions to go on a 'Round Britain' cruise - after the flight in a Hot-Air Balloon! Have noted another book to put on my list....
Reply chris
2:19 PM on July 19, 2009 
we arrived home today via newlyn.newlyn is a very good stopover and not at all anti yacht as the almanacs suggest.we stayed 2 nights on a 14 metre pontoon at 18 per night. there was free power if you had along enough lead and a big tesco at penzance.if you need a change of scene.good luck next week weather looks set to improve towards end of week.