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Friday 9th March 2012

Posted by yachtmoonlight on April 8, 2012 at 9:45 AM

We had a quiet few days on the boat as I didn’t feel too well, which tends to happen when I take antibiotics and painkillers. I get a slight reaction to penicillin, which isn’t a problem but does cause my throat and tongue to swell very slightly, which along with the strong painkillers mean I end up in a bit of a daze speaking utter gobbledegook (those who used to work with me might remember this happening once before, much to the amusement of my boss Ruth, who I think took me along to more meetings than usual just to liven them up a bit).

On Monday morning, we took the marina ferry ashore and I walked across the bridge to the dentist as slowly as I could get away with and for some reason every boat, bird, car, ant and discarded crisp packet along the way was suddenly deeply fascinating to me and required me to stop and look for a while.
John finally managed to drag me kicking and screaming into the dentist and guarded the door so I couldn’t run away.
It took five (FIVE!!!!) injections to get my mouth numb enough and I then discovered that although the dentist had been reasonably accurate in the estimation that he could get the nerve out in five minutes, he had neglected to tell me my tooth had three nerves (THREE??? WHAT??? Do I have some kind of monster mutant tooth???).
I shook like a shaved polar bear throughout the appointment and the dentist had to twice tell me to remove my hand from his arm as it wasn’t really helping and once to breathe as passing out would delay the whole process considerably.
A particularly disturbing moment was when the dentist pointed to something in my tooth and said to the nurse, “Look at that! Oh my god, what is that?” Apparently they never worked it out, but removed whatever it was anyway and the dentist informed me that I had a weird tooth, which he put down to my being English.
It was a good job I couldn’t speak at that moment as I may have felt compelled to point out that he had a very pointy head which I was putting down to him being some kind of mutant space-alien from the planet Git.
After it was all over (for now….), I staggered back to the marina on wobbly legs and met up with John (who had gone to the supermarket) on the marina ferry.
Although it was the second most painful and traumatic experience of my life (I once saw Kylie Minogue in concert, which was considerably worse), the dentist and nurses were great and made it much easier than it could have been!

Needing a further course of antibiotics, we went to the supermarket again the following day (as for some reason the Publix supermarkets fulfil prescriptions for antibiotics free of charge) and when I got to the counter I found that a box of chocolate Krispy Kreme doughnuts had somehow fallen into my shopping basket. As John doesn’t like doughnuts, except ones filled with custard (weirdo), I shared them with a couple from a nearby boat back in the lounge.
While I was munching my way through about four million calories, John downloaded the audio book of Under Milk Wood, which we listened to that night and thoroughly enjoyed.

I caught up with sorting photos and blogging on Wednesday and John amused himself with a Nintendo chess game that my mum had given him last summer. It turned out to be rather good and he spent a happy afternoon playing progressively harder computer opponents to get his rating up, only for me to trash it by losing abysmally several times in a row when I had a go. I tried switching to the ‘Practice’ mode instead, which didn’t effect John’s rating and let me take moves back, but not before making a sarcastic comment like, “That’s a terrible move” or “Do you know how to play chess?” which nearly resulted in the Nintendo being thrown overboard.

We decided to treat ourselves to lunch out on Thursday, so we walked over the bridge to a small local restaurant called O’Steen’s that we had noticed didn’t advertise anywhere and always had a long queue outside, even at lunchtime during the week. We thought this must be a good sign and put our names down for a table. The wait was about 20 minutes, during which time we meandered round a large antiques store next door which has a loudspeaker attached to the restaurant to announce when people’s tables are ready!
John ordered the catfish, I had crab cakes and the food was worth waiting for and very reasonably priced.
We wobbled back to the marina, very full and happy and had a lazy afternoon before being joined aboard by Regina, Jonathan and Tom from nearby boats for sundowners.

I made use of the good wifi signal in the marina lounge this morning to catch up with friends at home on Skype and filled the time before the next ferry back to the boat by buying random 90s music from iTunes that I couldn’t believe I didn’t have already, and which I later inflicted on John (I think I got away with Extreme and Tasmin Archer, but The Wonderstuff might have being taken things a bit far).
We had a lovely evening that night on board Moonlight with Dean and Meg, who live on their boat in St Augustine and we realised that the upside of being stuck in St Augustine for so long was that we were making some great friends.

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Reply Mum
3:34 PM on April 8, 2012 
Your dentist visit reads like a horror story; hope you're ok now.