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Tuesday 28th February 2012

Posted by yachtmoonlight on April 8, 2012 at 9:45 AM

John was nursing a very sore and swollen foot from the previous day’s freak toothbrush incident, but that (strangely) didn’t stop him wanting to walk to the off-license on Monday (20th Feb) and to the bakery for lunch, but was apparently FAR too sore for him to walk over the bridge to the grocery store, so I left him in the marina lounge trying to read a book while being forced to endure a TV programme about cross-stitch on ‘The Craft Channel’ by someone else in the lounge.
The bridge had just opened to let a dredger through, and a huge flock of gulls descended and hovered eerily over and amongst the cars that were queuing as I walked up the bridge, as though they were also waiting for the bridge to close and the road to re-open. It was rather spooky and like something from a Hitchcock film.
On the way back to the marina, I was a tad confused when three chaps in cars and one on a motorbike all honked and waved enthusiastically at me. After making sure I wasn’t showing my knickers and hadn’t accidently forgotten to put a t-shirt on that morning (like those dreams where you’re at work in an important meeting and suddenly realise you’re naked………………..oh is that just me?) I was utterly baffled and could only assume that someone popular in St Augustine has the same hat as me.

I went ashore on Tuesday to try and find something for John’s birthday and headed for the second-hand chandlers as there’s nothing John likes more than old lumps of boat junk.
Having not ventured into this shop before, I hadn’t realised that I would walk into a wall of testosterone just inside the door and as I examined the piles of overpriced crap, I spotted several beardy men peering through the shelves at me, apparently somewhat perturbed by the presence of a woman. I suspected that one or two of them may not actually have seen a woman before (they probably walked into the shop sometime in the 1850s to buy a fishing net and got so excited by the boxes of rusty nails and broken fishing rods that they lost track of time and never found their way out again), or maybe they were just taken aback by seeing a creature out of its usual habitat, a bit like seeing an armadillo shopping in Waitrose. I was half expecting one of them to gently point out that I had accidently walked into the wrong store and the quilting supplies shop was a few doors down.
Not being tempted by electronics that Noah chucked out or a wetsuit that looked like it had been worn by Jacques Cousteau (and smelt like he had died in it), and not wanting to cause any further distress to the staring beardy men, I escaped and headed instead to the chocolate shop, which was much more welcoming!
I found some bars of dark chocolate that I knew John would like and also quite liked the look of some different flavoured chocolate shells, which were rather strangely priced at 30 cents each or $12 for a box of 30. It wasn’t even a nice box.
The shop that proudly advertised that it had been voted the ‘Best Gift Shop in St Augustine’ several years running failed to entice me with its six month out-of-date biscuits, but I did manage to find a book about one of the Mercury astronauts and a beer cooler in the shape of an alligator, which I thought would do nicely.

Wednesday 22nd was John’s birthday and we had a lovely day ashore wandering around the historic area, into the beautiful Flagler College building, and a Greek museum and shrine.

(Flagler College)

(Inside Flagler College)

(The Greek shrine)

After showers at the marina, I caught up with internetty things in the lounge while John chased a dog around that repeatedly stole his socks.

We were hoping that John’s credit cards and driving license would have arrived on Thursday at the post office and we disappointed and a bit concerned to find that they hadn’t, as John’s daughter, Becky, had kindly sent them by courier several days before.
We felt we were just passing time now as we had seen everything we wanted to see in the town and with a lack of a park or anything that was free to do, we were keen to move on.
John made us a nice streak dinner that evening, but unfortunately I had a very sudden bout of terrible toothache that made eating it quite difficult and painful and I had to spend most of the evening with a cold beer can (in the absence of ice) pressed against my cheek to try to numb the pain!

The toothache was coming and going the next morning but I was managing to keep it at bay with painkillers and a steady stream of cold beer cans!
Becky chased up the credit card parcel for us (thanks, Becky – we know you’re a busy bunny and have much better things to do than run around after us!) and found that DHL had failed to deliver, apparently because they couldn’t find the enormous general post office building, cunningly hidden behind a large ‘Post Office’ sign on the main round through St Augustine. We heard from friends that DHL have a habit of doing this as they see the post office as competitors and don’t like delivering there. And because they are arses.
John went ashore in the afternoon to pop to the grocery store and to book a dentist appointment for me for Tuesday (yikes!)

The weekend passed by in a blur of toothache (which was getting worse) and grumpiness on my part and keeping a very low profile while handing me a succession of cold beer cans on John’s part.
We went ashore on Monday to use the marina wifi, but didn’t stay too long as I didn’t like being away from the beer cans for too long!

Going ashore this morning, the sense of impending doom deepened with every step across the bridge and towards the dentist.
Being a complete wuss when it comes to dentists, I go to a specialist scaredy-person dentist in England that offers sedation for any treatment, but I doubted very much (and very correctly) that sedation wouldn’t be an option here.
The pointy-headed dentist and the nurses all turned out to be extremely pleasant and after taking x-rays and then zapping me a ray gun from a 1960s sci-fi film, I was told the bad news that I needed a root canal and the worse news that it was going to cost me $1000!!!
I also needed to take a course of antibiotics before I could start the treatment, which would need to be completed over two visits, meaning that we would have to stay in St Augustine for another two weeks.
The morning’s news didn’t dampen the excitement of John’s credit cards and driving license arriving that afternoon though and we celebrated by taken the bus to the supermarket to stock up on yummy treats!
Later that afternoon, while John used the wifi in the lounge, I had a walk through the town and fell in love with the stunning handmade glass jellyfish that filled a window display in one of the posh art galleries.

(One of the glass jellyfish, CLICK HERE to visit the artist's website)

I couldn’t resist going in for a closer look and the lady in the shop, amazingly, treated me like I caught actually afford one of them (despite the scruffy cut-off jeans and faded t-shirt).
I nearly fell over when she told me they cost between $600 and $6000 each and I said I would give it some thought. I was very tempted to tie my tooth to a door knob that evening, yank the bugger out and spend the money on a jellyfish instead.

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