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The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Sunday 28th June 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on July 2, 2009 at 11:51 AM

Yesterday lunchtime, John’s daughters Jenna and Becky, Jenna’s husband Sam and Becky’s boyfriend Jono joined us along with our friends Tina, Robert, Lorraine and Marco to see us off. Jenna and Sam bought us a log book (which we need as we were planning to use a scruffy A4 notebook as a log), Becky and Jono bought us a Sailing Pocket Companion book, which is a fabulous collection of sailing facts and info and our friends bought us some champagne which we all shared in plastic cups which Tina also very thoughtfully provided. Our friends also gave me some birthday presents (I had completely forgotten it is my birthday in 3 weeks as we have been focussing on ‘Setting Off’ day), which was an incredibly kind and thoughtful thing to do. I have stored them away with my secret present from John (I don’t know what it is, but its hat shaped and I asked for a hat……).



After lunch and champagne, we prepared the boat and I changed into my Setting Off outfit – a fantastic sailing shirt with ‘Moonlight’ printed on the back which my dad made and sent down to me, and we set sail as planned at 4pm. We were completely surprised to be joined by John’s friends Trish and Ray on their boat Ralph Rover, who had also come to see us off. Everyone waved us off from the marina, now joined by John and Liz from a neighbouring boat and we left Gosport followed by Ralph Rover. It was a wonderful send off, very moving and there were a few tears. We were overwhelmed that everyone had travelled a long way just to wave us off and it made it an even more memorable day.


(Everyone waving us off from Haslar Marina, Gosport)


As we sailed out of Gosport via the small boat channel, Ralph Rover came alongside and Ray passed a bucket over with his boathook. Inside the bucket was a card, a bottle of wine and corkscrew which John had given to Trish and Ray after theirs broke when he met them on his first sailing trip with Gwen, about 25 years ago! It was a lovely thought and we really touched by their kindness.


(Trish and Ray on Ralph Rover)


Once into the Solent, we managed 42 minutes before we encountered our first major trauma. Just after John told me how helpful Trish and Ray had been on his first sailing trip when the headsail ripped…….our headsail got caught around one of the spreaders……and ripped. We rolled up the headsail and headed for Osbourne Bay for the night (as planned).


(John assessing the damage)


We awoke this morning to less than no wind at all, so we motor-sailed to Thorness Bay for lunch, waited for the tide to change favourably and then carried on to Allum Bay for the night.

Once anchored in Allum Bay, we took the headsail down to assess the damage and John stitched it up as best he could. We’ll call Crusader Sails in the morning to order a new sail and hopefully Frankenstein’s sail will hold up until we get to Falmouth.


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