Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


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Sunday 25th March 2012

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We woke up last Saturday excited to finally be anchored off Cumberland Island, which we’d heard so much about. The island is now protected and the number of visitors is restricted each day. There are several large houses on the island, all of which belong to members of the Carnegie or Coca Cola families. Some of the buildings and most of the land have already been gifted back to the state and agreements are in place to transfer all other property and land on the island in the future.

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Friday 16th March 2012

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We enjoyed a quiet weekend on the boat, John trying to get his rating back up on his Nintendo chess game (after I had trashed it by losing five games in row, very very badly) and I baked some muffins to use up a large bunch of over-ripe bananas.
On Sunday we had a walk around the fort, sitting on the wall to watch boats coming up and down the waterway and fishing boats motoring back, followed by awave of hungry seabirds.
St Augustine is a lovely town, but we were both keen to get goin...

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Friday 9th March 2012

Posted by yachtmoonlight on April 8, 2012 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (1)

We had a quiet few days on the boat as I didn’t feel too well, which tends to happen when I take antibiotics and painkillers. I get a slight reaction to penicillin, which isn’t a problem but does cause my throat and tongue to swell very slightly, which along with the strong painkillers mean I end up in a bit of a daze speaking utter gobbledegook (those who used to work with me might remember this happening once before, much to the amusement of my boss Ruth, who I think took me alo...

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Tuesday 28th February 2012

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John was nursing a very sore and swollen foot from the previous day’s freak toothbrush incident, but that (strangely) didn’t stop him wanting to walk to the off-license on Monday (20th Feb) and to the bakery for lunch, but was apparently FAR too sore for him to walk over the bridge to the grocery store, so I left him in the marina lounge trying to read a book while being forced to endure a TV programme about cross-stitch on ‘The Craft Channel’ by someone else in the lo...

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Sunday 19th February 2012

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As we’d had to abandon our shopping trolley of goodies in the supermarket the previous day (when we discovered John had lost his wallet), we went ashore on Thursday (9th Feb) and caught the bus to the supermarket again, with me keeping a very tight hold of my purse!
The bus driver recognised us and told us they had checked the bus CCTV and a homeless man known to the bus drivers was seen getting on the bus just after we got off, sitting at the same seats and then putting something f...

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