Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Wednesday 22nd December 2010

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We had a swim and a snorkel from the boat (which was anchored off Pigeon Island in St Lucia) on the morning of Friday 17th December, but the water was very cloudy and we couldn’t see much.

The seabed had been greatly disturbed by the swelly seas created by hurricane Tomas, and along with the muddy run-off from the land that was the result of the huge amount of rain that fell in a short time, it made the water very murky and it was likely to stay like that for some time.

We c...

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Thursday 16th December 2010

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We got up at 4.30am on Thursday 7th December and at 5.30am we pulled up the anchor, sailed out of the bay and headed north.

All was well until we were motor-sailing up the coast of St Vincent (where we were not stopping) and John suddenly noticed that there was steam coming from where there shouldn’t be.

John dashed down the companionway to look at the engine and found that one of water pipes had burst and we had to stop the engine straight away. As he ran back up into the c...

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Monday 6th December 2010

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We were both tired on the morning of Monday 29th November as it had been a wet and windy night and a political rally ashore had been making a lot of noise late into the night. The rally was on the shore near where we were anchored in Bequia and seemed to consist of a man shouting a lot in between ‘musical’ interludes that consisted of a man shouting a lot over a loud booming beat. The rally came to a climax at about midnight, with the shouty man declaring that if he was elected in...

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Sunday 28th November 2010

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Taking the dinghy ashore in the morning on Monday 15th November, we were called over by an American chap as we were passing his boat.

After asking if we could speak English (don’t you just love it when Americans ask that?) he asked for a lift to the shore.

Saying this was no problem, we helped him down into our dinghy and the American asked where we were heading. On hearing that we needed to go to the main town dock as we were taking some rubbish to the tip there, the Ameri...

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Sunday 14th November 2010

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News started to come through from St Lucia on Monday 1st November and the internet news sites were carrying stories of roads and bridges washed away and damage to buildings and crops, but the information was still very vague.

We looked at the weather reports for the next few days and the best weather window for heading north seemed to be on Thursday, so we amended our plans and agreed to stay a couple more days.

There was still work to do to get the boat ready to leave and we spen...

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