Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Wednesday 30th December 2009

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On the morning of Tuesday 22nd December, John and I went ashore early in the morning to keep out of Becky’s way while she had her telephone job interview. The town was very quiet, just starting to stir and come to life and it was lovely walking around in the cool air as the shops and market stalls were just opening for the day. We stopped at a small café for a cup of tea and a croissant and sat outside next to a large table of rather posh English people. They had just finished thei...

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Monday 21st December 2009

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The first swim in the beautiful clear water after we arrived on Saturday 12th December was very welcome. The sea was noticeably warmer than in Europe and the sea life much more abundant and interesting.

It was quite a windy day and I soon discovered that I had to swim very hard to go nowhere. John and Becky got out before me and as I tried to swim back to the boat I found I was running out of puff (no doubt partly due to the lack of exercise for the past three weeks). I just managed to ...

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The Atlantic Crossing

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The big moment was at 1.30pm on Saturday 21st November, when we sailed out of La Palma and headed off in search of The Caribbean.


(Leaving La Palma)


As I was concerned that I would suffer from the seasickness that has haunted me on this trip so far, and Becky w...

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