Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Saturday 24th October 2009

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We had a quiet day last Sunday, catching up on phone calls, emails and updating the website. There was a good wifi connection near the marina office, so John finally got Skype working well enough for him to call his daughters. I tried to use it to call Lorraine to wish her Happy Birthday, but the combination of Skype plus Lorraine being on her mobile in the Lake District was not a good one and after lots of shouting “Can you hear me?” at each other, I sent her a text.


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Saturday 17th October 2009

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Monday 5th October was a wet and windy day, and we started to feel like Autumn was catching us up!

It rained for most of the day and we got drenched walking back from the supermarket as the small brolly we had taken with us would only provide shelter for a particularly small field mouse and John’s idea of sharing an umbrella is to hold it over himself and occasionally poke me in the eye with it.

A very nice chap called Keith who is skippering his friend’s Moody 36 with...

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Sunday 4th October 2009

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We arrived back from London on Friday 25th September. It was nice to be back on the boat but we were both tired from a 4am start to catch our flight (we’d booked the earliest flight as it was so much cheaper than the later ones!). We did a little bit of shopping and spent the afternoon unpacking and doing the washing which we pegged all around the boat to dry and had an early night to catch up on some sleep!


We decided to move back out to the anchorage the next day as...

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