Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Saturday 19th September 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on September 19, 2009 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (4)

The fridge electrics, which have always been rather temperamental since we bought the boat were playing up again on Thursday and blowing fuses (that's a week last Thursday ) I am a little behind with the blog for reasons that will become clear soon), so John wandered to the nearby BP garage to get some more fuses for it. I was very happy when he reappeared with a small bottle of diet Coke for me and an ice-cream each as well as the fuses. I've been mostly deprived of diet Coke since we l...

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Wednesday 9th September 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on September 14, 2009 at 7:27 AM Comments comments (2)

It appears I was misinformed with regards to the siren. It is not activated when the sea conditions make it dangerous to enter the harbour after all, this is a surprise when you arrive. The siren is supposed to be a fog siren but it is faulty and actually just goes off when the humidity is high, or whenever it feels like having a good honk.


Last Thursday morning, a large group of people arrived to charter four of the boats next to us in the marina. They were all wearing str...

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Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Posted by yachtmoonlight on September 3, 2009 at 10:38 AM Comments comments (4)

We both had a very restless night on our first night in Baiona marina, due to the unbelievably loud creaking of our mooring lines as the boat wobbled around in the swell that was coming into the bay. It became so bad, we moved into the back cabin in the middle of the night, which we don’t keep made up for such events and is usually used for storage, so this was more difficult than it sounds. We emptied the contents of the back cabin and made up the bed, resulting in us having to do an &...

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