Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Thursday 27th August 2009

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Last Thursday morning was a rare drizzly day. When we woke up there were several small boats in front of the anchorage, nearer the beach with snorkelers in the water diving down for razor fish which they pull out of the sandy seabed by hand.

We went ashore as John wanted to go to the ‘Ferreteria’, which disappointingly didn’t sell ferrets, or any small mammals for that matter. It was a hardware store, which is one of the very types of shops that I find exceptionally du...

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Wednesday 19th August 2009

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Saturday was very foggy in the morning and we decided to head off to Camarinas at 11am. The fog became worse as we got out to sea and we couldn’t see the land or anything around us. We switched on the radar and the chart plotter so we knew exactly where we were (as the chart plotter seems to be behaving again now), where the land was and where other boats were, which worked fantastically well. We kept a careful watch as well (just in case a small boat didn’t show up on the radar) ...

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Friday 14th August 2009

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The sunshine keeps on coming and Monday was another beautiful day. So warm that John decided to have a swim off the side of the boat (the water is still far too cold for me!). After he got out, he rinsed off with fresh water and then shook like a spaniel, drenching the cockpit and everything in it, including me.

The tide was right out and the water was very low as we walked into town, leaving a considerably larger beach and shoals of fish visible from the harbour.


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Sunday 9th August 2009

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We awoke on Monday to a cold and windy day, with very poor visibility and decided to move round to an anchorage just off a small village called Le Fret, which is opposite Brest. It was a two hour trip and very unpleasant with the persistent cold drizzle and the visibility so poor we could hardly see the land.


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Sunday 2nd August 2009

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As expected Wednesday blew a gale and rain hammered down in the fashion we have unfortunately become accustomed to, so we stayed snugged up the boat all day, until 6pm when the sun briefly made an appearance and we popped ashore to make sure the Chain Locker hadn’t been blown away .

The winds calmed overnight and we moved back to the anchorage on Thursday morning. Just as we were anchoring, an extremely large ship that had been in the harbour next to the anchorage was prepari...

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