Moonlight Adventure

The story of our travels on board Moonlight, our Vancouver 36.


Saturday 4th July 2009

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On Thursday, the weather wasn't so good and it was a little drizzly, so we took the steam train that runs from Kingswear to Paignton which first opened in 1864.



We were pulled along by 'Hercules', a 1920 steam engine and we paid an extra £...

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Wednesday 1st July

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We stayed in Allum Bay overnight on Sunday and spent Monday relaxing on the boat before setting off at 4.30pm for an overnight passage to Dartmouth.

While the radio news talked about 30 degree temperatures the next day, I was huddled on deck in five layers (including thermals) and was still cold for the duration of the 13 hour passage. There was very little wind (which was not necessarily a bad thing due to our mangled sail) but with a little help from the engine, we motor-sailed and F...

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Sunday 28th June 2009

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Yesterday lunchtime, John’s daughters Jenna and Becky, Jenna’s husband Sam and Becky’s boyfriend Jono joined us along with our friends Tina, Robert, Lorraine and Marco to see us off. Jenna and Sam bought us a log book (which we need as we were planning to use a scruffy A4 notebook as a log), Becky and Jono bought us a Sailing Pocket Companion book, which is a fabulous collection of sailing facts and info and our friends bought us some champagne which we all shared in plastic...

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Setting Off day!

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We have been living on the boat for the past week and a half and today - Setting Off day - has come round so fast.

Moonlight is stocked up and ready to go. We have replaced the year's supply of sweets that fell into the sea when John missed the boat and attempted to suspend the box in mid-air in-between the boat and the pontoon, which was closely followed by our first onion overboard emergency.

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